From The Tribunal October 17th 1918

This is a further update in a series of extracts from the No Conscription Fellowship’s journal, published in the UK between March 1916 and November 1918
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The “Bradford Pioneer” of Sept 29, publishes the English translation of a German document picked up by a British soldier. In it the writer appeals to his fellow soldiers to put an end to militarism. He says, “In the interest of humanity we must escape from this power, which has exposed us to such risks and evidently wants our death. The only obstacle is the Army, to which we have the misfortune to belong. We have all of us seem enough to recognise it as the greatest enemy of all humanity; is it not therefore our duty to destroy it? The highest judge of all civilisation and humanity, your own heart, comrades, will absolve you, if you carry out the order of justice which bids you to throw away your rifles. Surrender in thousands and the future is ours! A real league of Nations of the World must be created, where no uniform is seen, all arms have vanished, and the workers, the only party of thinkers, must do it.”