Security for the common good: building the conditions of peace


We are in this world together but the way we are living is not sustainable; it is unfair, unjust and environmentally destructive. Economic inequality, our use of the finite resources that feed our consumption, and our production of waste continues to grow. Our dependence upon fossil fuels that are driving dangerous climate change doesn’t diminish. Our world, as a result, is insecure.
Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a powerful few at the expense of people and planet, and the resulting inequalities fuel conflict.
The interests of those whose power comes from the control of diminishing resources are protected by ever-more costly military and other technology as a mistaken means to building security.
We are called to question the short-termist, market-led approaches that drive resource misuse, inequality, instability and conflict.
We believe that there is a moral imperative to change from a society driven by perceived wants and fears, and by financial profit, to one that recognises that all people have the same rights to security and that we must live in harmony with nature.

h3. An alternative way forward

To build peace our government must address the causes of war as well as promoting non-military responses to conflict.
We envisage and advocate a secure future that will benefit everyone on our planet. This should be based on understanding the real threats, how they can be dealt with, and tackling the causes of conflict and insecurity.

h3. We call on our government to recognise the changes that are needed and to work to create sustainable security for all …
  • By promoting positive and effective action, nationally and internationally, to achieve the reductions in carbon emissions needed to halt climate change.
  • By promoting greater equality in this country and internationally, recognising that* inequality and marginalisation* is damaging to society and to our relationship with others on this planet.
  • By committing to remove all nuclear weapons from this country and work to promote global nuclear disarmament.
  • By reducing the manufacture and export of armaments and instead take action to promote and invest in the use of those skills to produce socially and environmentally useful products.
  • By withdrawing from the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), an agreement that would put more power into the hands of major corporations and undermine parliamentary democracy.

    This leaflet has been produced by Northern Friends Peace Board, a Quaker committee that works to support ‘the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth’. We cover the issues addressed here on our website and our Facebook and Twitter feed – see below for information.

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