Challenging militarism

These are some of the current issues that we have been addressing, and /or that our members are active on.

Recent news/resources
We use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to share information and news on these issues, and also publish a ‘Round-up’ of peace-related news and information on these and other current issues.

h3. Nuclear weapons

We seek to raise awareness of the current opportunities for promoting action on nuclear disarmament, focusing on the UK’s nuclear weapons in particular and on international efforts to ban nuclear weapons. We draw on the activities of other groups working to this end, such as those linked with ICAN in the UK, and the Network of Christian Peace Organisations.

Links to related organisations

CND – Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament | Scottish CND | Christian CND | Nuclear Information Service | Acronym | Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom | Nukewatch | Trident Ploughshares ,

h3. Militarisation

The presence and involvement of armed forces in schools, and in other places and activities that are particularly aimed at children and young people is on the rise and very problematic. Quakers are active with others in raising awareness of the policies and practice behind the growth in militarisation and seek to act and to support those taking action on these concerns.
Some relevant links: Forces Watch | Quakers in Britain | Child Soldiers International | Peace Pledge Union | Veterans for Peace UK | War Resisters International .

h3. Arms trade

NFPB members are active in national and local campaigns. In particular, during 2019 they are preparing with other Friends for taking action and witnessing at the DSEI arms fair in early September. Roots of Resistance is providing information, resources and support for this Quaker preparation and action.

For information and resources about the arms trade and about local and national campaigning activities visit Campaign Against Arms Trade

h3. Military spending

We have been involved in promoting the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS), an international initiative of the International Peace Bureau and other groups. The campaign encourages action particularly during April each year, the Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS). A statement for the 2019 GDAMS is here

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