In brief ...

Who we are
We are a group of Quakers, most of whom are appointed as representatives by Quaker Area Meetings in the North of Britain. Our purpose, from our 1913 founding meeting, is ‘to advise and encourage Friends, and through them their fellow citizens, in the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth’. We employ a full-time Co-ordinator and part-time paid administrative help.

What we do
We meet together and develop a range of activities, which are some-times led by project groups. These address concerns under the broad headings of …

  • Supporting Quakers’ peace witness
  • Promoting a culture of peace and
  • Challenging militarism

To these ends we…

  • Arrange events, such as conferences and workshops.
  • Produce resources, from printed materials to electronic media.
  • Respond to enquiries on Quakers and peace and provide information and support to individuals and groups.
  • Contribute a Quaker peace voice to other events and networks.

How you can get involved and help

Our work is funded chiefly by Quaker meetings in the north of Britain, along with support from individuals. Any additional support is always welcome and we have a newsletter and mailing list to keep in touch with our funders and supporters.

Although our activities mainly involve our members, we like to meet, reflect and learn with others, Quakers and non-Quakers, in different parts of the North. We particularly value the occasions when a Quaker Meeting hosts us and joins with us in exploring particular peace concerns. We can also involve other Quakers in our project work.

Further information about us, about Quakers and peace and about opportunities for peace action are on this website. If you cannot find what you need, contact us