In brief ...

Who we are

Quakers from throughout the North of Britain, meeting and working together ‘to advise and encourage Friends in the North … and through them their fellow citizens, in the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth.’
Our members are representatives from all Northern Area Quaker Meetings, along with a small number of cooptees . We have an office with a full-time Co-ordinator, who works with project groups and sub-committees to develop the work.

What we do

  • Organise events, including our quarterly members’ meetings, to encourage learning and action for peace.
  • Publish materials, from printed leaflets to electronic media.
  • Support and link up with individuals, Quaker Meetings and groups working for peace.
  • Speak out on peace concerns and encourage peace action and witness.

Our current priorities

Our work focuses on activities relating to:

  • Promoting a culture of Peace.
  • Challenging militarism.
  • Roots of conflict and roots of peace.
  • Promoting awareness and action on current peace concerns.

Examples of particular issues we are addressing during 2016-17 include:

  • work on sustainable security, or ‘security for the common good’.
  • the militarism of society and Trident nuclear weapons.
  • encouraging peace building and peace action, speaking out and dialogue in local communities.
  • supporting young people and others in exploring peace and diversity.

If you would like to receive updates and reports by email, please contact us

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