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Peace is a journey...

The journey for Keith Hargreaves, NFPB member from Lancashire Central and North AM, began last September when he was joined by two others in running in the Salford 10K run to raise awareness of and funds for NFPB. In his 67th year,

Keith is at it again and this coming Saturday (12th July) will be running a further 10km in the We Love Manchester run.

War and peace

Letter to The Times (see all signatories below)

On this day 100 years ago, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo in an action that led to the First World War. Unchecked militarism in Europe was also a major factor.

New priorities for peace and security

NFPB has been part of small working group, along with other peace and disarmament organisations, preparing for the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) which this year is on 14th April. Although the focus is on that date primarily, the period leading up and after it are valuable opportunities for people to ask questions, challenge assumptions and advocate alternatives to the levels of military spending that our government has committed us to.

Peace concerns in a world of conflict

NFPB meeting on 1st March : Our first meeting of the year saw nearly forty Friends gathered at Huddersfield Meeting House at the beginning of March. Friends’ spirits seemed boosted by the friendly welcome and early spring sunshine, whilst on the international stage we were very conscious of the growing tensions following Russia’s movement of troops into Crimea.

NFPB Centenary - outgoing thoughts

AS WE APPROACH the year’s end, it seems appropriate to reflect on our centenary. We have approached it in different ways, which seems appropriate given the height and breadth of what Northern Friends Peace Board has been about. At the very middle of our year, our Walk of Witness linked some of the earliest concerns – the treatment of conscientious objectors at Richmond Castle during the first world war – to far more contemporary matters, the role of the US base at Menwith Hill in spreading militarism around the world.

Kendal meeting to conclude our centenary year

Image from early NFPB poster

NFPB will have its final meeting of 2013, our centenary year, at Kendal Meeting House this coming Saturday, 30th November.

In the morning, we will be joined by Stuart Parkinson of Scientists for Global Responsibility, SGR , speaking on the theme of “Moving from militarism to sustainable security: the role of science and technology’.

Stop recruitment of 16 year olds into the UK armed forces

Northern Friends Peace Board is amongst the supporting organisations to this petition, launched today:

Details of the petition, which you can sign online

Report of NFPB meeting in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House

on Saturday 28th September 2013

Our NFPB meeting in Edinburgh was attended by nearly forty Friends and Attenders, our numbers being boosted by invited local Friends.  As with our other events this year, this had a centenary theme to it, as well as a further opportunity to display our materials and distribute resources.

Peace history - learning lessons

We were pleased to be able to make a significant contribution to this year’s Peace History conference, which took place in Manchester on 21st September. Taking as its theme “The Peace & Anti-War Movement on the eve of the First World War – Lessons for Today”, our own centenary this year provided a natural focus and a ready source of material to share with the conference.

Running for peace

Three Friends joined a 10km run in September, raising the profile and some additional funds for Northern Friends Peace Board and as a further way of marking our centenary, Co-ordinator Philip Austin was joined by Keith Hargreaves, NFPB member from Chorley and Ed Johnston from Bolton Meeting. They were amongst about 3,000 runners in total for the Salford-based run, although our three were all more used to solitary running and in hillier and more scenic landscapes.


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