WW1 centenary - resources

We will be including on this page links to resources relating to the first world war, particularly from the perspective of Quaker peace concerns and witness

  • There is Another Way. This NFPB leaflet, published in 2014, reflects on current peace concerns whilst making links to the period around the outbreak of war in 1914. This can be printed from the PDF file here, or contact us for paper copies, with a donation towards costs and postage (about £1.00 per 20 leaflets). This is intended for Quakers to use at a range of events during 2014.

  • NFPB Posters
    We’ve printed four, including three from the period after the first world war and one new one
    NFPB posters

  • Tribunal
    NFPB has access to a nearly complete set of issue of The Tribunal, the journal published by the No Conscription Fellowship between March 1916 and November 1918. We will be publishing occasional extracts from these between March 2016 and November 1918
  • Conscience and Conviction – WWI school resources
    Conscience and conviction image
    QPSW has produced two new resources for peace education: Conscience (primary school-focused) and Conviction (secondary school-focused). Available to download – print copies available shortly.

  • Witnessing for peace on the centenary of World War I: a resource pack for Quaker Meetings
    Produced by Quakers in Britain. The centenary of World War I offers Quakers the opportunity to take part in the national conversation and counter any potential glorification of war. The alternative stories we have to tell throw fresh light on the period. We hope Quaker meetings will find this pack helpful for planning outreach activities, engaging in peace education, group learning and reflection on current violent conflicts.
    To order a free hard copy, please email the Quaker Centre or telephone 020 7663 1030, giving your name, postal address and name of your Quaker Meeting.
  • World War One Christmas Truce Commemorations
    Christmas Truce image
    The Martin Luther King Peace Committee (Newcastle) has prepared separate packs of resources for school teachers and church ministers to mark one of the most remarkable events in the annals of modern warfare: the December 1914 Christmas Truces. Following weeks of fraternization, men right down the Western front from the North Sea to Switzerland laid down their arms to mark Christmas. The Peace Committee has created two different resource packs to help mark the 1914 Christmas truces in the run up to Christmases from 2014 until 2017.

  • The White Feather Diaries white feather image
    website launched on 4 August 2014. You can follow The White Feather Diaries project on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wfdiaries and Twitter @wfdiaries.

  • NFPB Centenary Resource Pack We produced a pack of materials for our centenary in 2013. Many of these relate to the first world war period, including the text of a leaflet published on 6th August 1914 . They are available to download or on request in printed form from the NFPB office. We have added here a shortened version of the specially written play, ‘A Burning, living faith’ which features the period of the first world war, in which the two main characters make different choices during wartime.

  • Choices – then and now. A different sort of WW1 resources for schools and colleges .
    choices logo
    Produced by The Peace Museum in Bradford, a cross-curricular approach to teaching about World War I and recent and current conflicts, considering the choices available to and made by people in response to key events and ‘days that changed the world’

  • The World is My Country
    A visual celebration of the people and movements that opposed the First World War

  • Out of the Silence The Story of the Conscientious Objectors – Of the millions conscripted in 1916, sixteen thousand claimed the new right to conscientious objection…. Drawing on first-hand accounts, letters, diaries and memoirs, Out of the Silence is a show by Sheffield story-teller Simon Heywood, which brings the voices of the conscientious objectors out of the silence, with original songs from Shonaleigh. Commissioned by the 2014 Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival. To download a touring pack, click here .

  • Opposing World War One: Courage and Conscience (external link to PDF document)
    An information briefing about conscientious objection and peace activism in the First World War Published 2013 by Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pax Christi, Peace Pledge Union, Quaker Peace and Social Witness, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

  • Conscientious Objection 1914-1918 – educational and informative material produced by the Peace Pledge Union
  • World War I centenary event map British Quakers online tool for gathering and mapping information about Quaker activities in relation to the first world war
  • National Archives – a brief guide to researching records of British conscientious objectors and those exempt from service.
  • Information about Corder Catchpool , early member of Friends Ambulance Unit then absolutist objector during the war.
  • Housmans Bookshop (radical London bookshop) – recommended WW1-related reading
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