Development plan priorities

In 2009 we agreed a development plan, outlining our priorities for the coming few years. In summary it says….

Overall vision:

  • We wish to build, diversify and strengthen our relationships with Friends, in the North of Britain and beyond, through events, personal contacts and effective and appropriate communication.
  • We wish to raise the profile of peace concerns, to provide support to others wishing to do that and to act in partnership with others.
  • We plan to be sustainable as an organisation, in financial terms, in supporting growth and learning amongst our members and in our use of resources.

Relationships with Friends

As our primary purpose is to support Friends in the North of Britain, this will remain at the heart of our activities. We plan to make good use of our four meetings of Representatives a year, combining learning, linking with local Friends, discernment, planning for action and networking. We will also seek new and different ways for bringing Friends of all ages and backgrounds together and for contributing to existing Quaker events and activities. We plan to provide more support to our Representatives in their role as links with Area and Local Meetings.


We need to communicate – to Friends, to others concerned to learn about and act for peace, and to a wider audience of public, politicians etc. In doing so, we plan to continue to use new media when appropriate, trying out new technologies from time to time, whilst also using print-based and personal communications, so that we are accessible to as wide an audience as possible. We have a particular responsibility to help raise the profile of the Quaker understanding and practice of peace and to seek ways of including this when working with others. We also need to listen, so that our peace work is properly informed and responsive. We hope to raise the profile of Quaker peace concerns and of our own organisation, both amongst Friends and more widely and will develop a communications strategy to assist us in implementing these aims.

Building Common Cause

Our work has always been enriched by working with others and by actively promoting a spirit of inclusiveness in our own processes. These will remain priorities, along with action towards fostering links within the Society of Friends and with other, non-Quaker, groups. These are only enhanced by the spirit of collaborative working envisioned in the Yearly Meeting’s Framework for Action and by our continuing membership of a number of networking bodies at national and international level. We want to encourage the involvement of young people in our activities and to increase the accessibility of our resources and events.


Our work, and the building of peace in all corners of the world, is sustained by people, backed up with material and financial resources. To have kept going for so long is a testament to the shared commitment of Northern Friends towards promoting and upholding our peace testimony. We need to use resources entrusted to us with care and diligence; this applies to money, to the Friends who serve our organisation and to our own relationship with the planets resources. We have always been careful in our expenditure; we must now be ever more thoughtful in how our activities impact on the planet. We must also be imaginative and careful in how we nurture and develop the peace community of the Society of Friends – peace is and ongoing process.

See the full development plan here.

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