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NFPB activities during Yearly Meeting Gathering 2014

Yearly Meeting Gathering logo

There will be a number of us from NFPB attending (Look out for the NFPB logo badges) throughout the week, as British Quakers gather in Bath for the Yearly Meeting Gathering.

These are our formal commitments (below). We look forward to meeting with you at these events or in other informal settings.

There is another way

Just over a hundred years ago, NFPB’s Secretary, Robert Long, wrote a powerful piece of text two days after Britain declaring war, asking ‘What Shall We Do?’ . We are producing this simple A5 leaflet in 2014 for Friends and others to use. This may be particuarly appropriate over the period of, and events relating to, the centenary of Britain going to war in 1914 (4th August) but also for other occasions.

Peace is a journey...

The journey for Keith Hargreaves, NFPB member from Lancashire Central and North AM, began last September when he was joined by two others in running in the Salford 10K run to raise awareness of and funds for NFPB. In his 67th year,

Keith is at it again and this coming Saturday (12th July) will be running a further 10km in the We Love Manchester run.